Fitness wheat-rye bread muffin

Peninoitn kvskov muffin-1 Peninoitn kvskov muffin-2 Peninoitn kvskov muffin-3


Water, whole grain wheat flour, rye sourdough, whole grain rye flour, salt, oil, mix of spice.

Nutrition facts in 1oz (28,35g)
Calories 55.14
Protein 0,05oz (1.39g)
Carbohydrate 0.37oz (10,4g)
Fat 0.03oz (0.77g)
Salt 0,01oz (0,37g)

Baked muffin weight is 50g +/-5g (26,46oz +/-0,18oz). The proportion of ingredients is defined before baking. The proportion of water in muffin is reduced by cooking.